LLD and CERERE members

Collective accomodations for a total of 70 beds have been booked at a few kilometers from the Hayon Farm for the members of the LLD and CERERE network.

The price will turn around 10 euros/person/night.

To help us manage the logistical aspects such as the housing, but also the transports between these accomodations and the Hayon Farm, please complete the form here. A confirmation of your reservation will be sent to you.

Il you have any further questions, please contact :

  • Agathe RAVOIR (agathe@semencespaysannes.org), who is the coordinator of the LLD Network.
  • Giuseppe DE SANTIS (giuseppe.desantis@semirurali.net), who is the connection support of the coordinator of the CERERE Network.
  • Marlène Moreau (marlene.moreau@natpro.be), who is the coordinator of the event organised by the Meuse-Rhine-Moselle Network.