IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We are sorry to be obliged to close the registrations. We have indeed reached the limits of the capacity allowed on the farm. However, if you want to be placed on a waiting list in case of withdrawal of another participant, please do not hesitate to enroll yourself.

A visit of the collection will nevertheless probably be organised on Saturday 24 June by the association Li Mestère. For more information, please send an email to :

Please fill in the form available here.

Please also note that given the limited reception capacity existing at the farm and our wish that a sufficient diversity of actors can be represented at this meeting, we reserve the right to validate your registration to ensure balance in the representativeness of the different participants. Only registered persons with a validated registration from us will have access to the forum.

We will also ask you to participate in the cost of organizing this meeting, corresponding to the price of the meals, namely:

Price in conscience: 15 euros / meal (minimum price: 10 euros / meal)

=> 30 euros for the day of Thursday (or minimum 20 euros).

=> 15 euros for the day of Friday (or minimum 10 euros).

As soon as your registration is validated, we will send you informations about the payment.